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Beranda » Peralatan Ternak » Peralatan Hatchery » Hygrostat WILLHI WH8040 – Pengatur Kelembaban Humidistat

Hygrostat WILLHI WH8040 – Pengatur Kelembaban Humidistat

Ditambahkan pada: 8 September 2017 / Kategori:
Kode : jgs_hs
Berat : 400 gram
Stok : Ready Stock
Dilihat : 507 kali
Review : Belum ada review
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Deskripsi Hygrostat WILLHI WH8040 – Pengatur Kelembaban Humidistat


Hygrostat WILLHI WH8040 – Pengatur Kelembaban Humidistat

Pengatur kelembaban berkualitas merk WILLHI yang sudah paten di industri Thermo Hygro

Cocok untuk budidaya ternak hewan dan tumbuhan

This digital humidity control controller WH8040 is with wide humidity measuring range and controlling range, comes with a humidity controller sensor probe with cable and a temperature sensor probe with cable. Humidity measuring range is 1% ~ 99% RH and control range is 1% ~ 99% RH.


Function of humidification and humidification
Hysteresis function
Humidity correction
Delay protection
Function of Upper and Lower limit


Humidity Measuring Range: 1% ~ 99% RH
Humidity controlling range: 1% ~ 99% RH
Humidity Measuring Error: 3%
Resolution: 1% RH;
Sensor Type: HM-40
Power Suppler: AC 110V
Current: MAX 200MA
Data retention: YES
Power consumption: < 3W, Max 200mA
Relay contact current: AC 5A/110V
Temperature compensation: YES
Data Retention: YES
Working temperature: 0C – 50 C
Storage temperature: -10C – 60 C
Size(L x W x H): Approx. 83 x 75 x 33cm
Probe size(D x L): Approx. 4 x 20mm

Key notes:

RST: Press key RST to switch satrting up and power off, on the condition of power off, it can start up when press key RST, on the condition of starting up, it can power off when press and hold the key RST for three seconds.
SET: Press key SET to enter settings of humidity control, and press key ? or ? to adjust. Press and hold key ? or ? for three seconds to enter the fast adjust mode. Press key SET again to exit setting mode.
I am sure it the right thing you need now.
Don’t hesitate, bid now and never miss it. You will receive a parcel contains as below.
1 x Humidity controller WH8040
1 x Temperature sensor probe with cable


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